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About Me

About me

I am Giulia, the only person behind Giulia Magnani Couture.

After a master's degree in Fashion Design at the Politecnico of Milan and various experiences in the ateliers in Paris, Parma and Milan, I decided to create my own brand because I love following the product from the very beginning to the end.

I personally choose all the fabrics by looking and touching them.
Letting the materials inspire me, I imagine, I study, I sketch, I create, and I start over again.
Only when I’m fully satisfied with each project, then I start cutting and sewing.

Each piece is absolutely unique and I study every single detail to express the uniqueness and the beauty of each individual woman.

I like making women’s dreams come true and creating THE dress you were looking for is always my favorite feeling and satisfaction.



I always try to offer you unique fabrics that respect the environment.

Most of them are vintage fabrics, stocks and therefore absolutely unique in terms of patterns and materials.

I buy the rest during my travels, so to get them you have to go to Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Sarajevo and hopefully there will be other fabulous trips soon.

Nothing is thrown away, I use up to the last centimeter of fabric with which I create trendy accessories and unique details.



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