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Gift cards

Here is a special gift for a special person.

Not just a piece of cloth but a TAILORING EXPERIENCE.

With this gift card you invite your woman, friend, mother, sister to take time for herself, I will take care of the rest: pamper her and make her wishes come true.

The experience will begin immediately, from the moment she will receive her card at home. She will begin to feel pampered and loved.

I will choose with her the fabrics, the pattern, the details and she will return home not only with a dress created especially for her, but also having lived a unique experience.


The idea came to me while observing my husband, who struggles every time to find a special gift for me, his mother or his sister.

I thought “how can I help those who have no ideas and are looking for something unique?”.The answer came by itself... doing what I love most (and what I do best): customized clothes.



You can choose between 4 different prices (60€, 100€, 150€, 250€)*.

I made 4 different cards, with 4 graphics and colors to recognize the one you chose.

In this way the price will be a secret between you and me, because it is never elegant to reveal the cost of a gift.

Depending on the amount I will propose different options to the person who will receive the gift.

Then I'll choose with her the piece to realize, the fabrics and all the details and I'll create her customized unique piece.


*We can arrange a different amount if you want.


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