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Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion and growing consumerism, especially in terms of goals and values.
The predominant model of the last decades is disposable fashion: the production of many collections in a short time, exploiting cheap labor, polluting, churning out low quality
Slow fashion is not a new trend, it is a conscious and wise approach to fashion.
An approach that takes into account various aspects, including environmental protection and improvement of working conditions.
This means buying less but higher quality products.
Slow fashion is ethical and sustainable.
Slow fashion is taking the time.
Slow fashion is research.
Slow fashion is working with love.
Slow fashion is unique pieces.
Slow fashion is Giulia Magnani Couture.

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No waste

No waste

In my laboratory, nothing is thrown away.


I study very carefully the placement, that is the positioning of the pattern on the fabric, in order to have the least number of scraps possible.


Even the leftover fabric is used and indeed it gives vent to my creativity.

It pushes me to find original and creative solutions, which embellish my clothes even more.


With the scraps I make accessories, bands with or without underwire, belts, and the best details of my clothes.

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